Technical and professional education

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It is a co-design service for programs oriented towards the training of Intermediate Technicians and Qualified Workers for occupational profiles adjusted to the conditions and demands of the job occupations, jobs or management activity of the interested parties. (ver mas)

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  • It has the possibility of developing the complete training processes and training in different specialties in facilities of Cuban polytechnic centers that have the appropriate resources to respond to the needs of those interested in the areas of agronomy, construction, services, industrial mechanics, transportation , electricity, computing and communications.

    The courses offered are:

    Training                                      Duration               Initial requirement

    medium technician            3 years                9th grade

    medium technician            2 years                12th grade

    skilled laborer                     6 months            Basic professional training in productive 

                                                                               or service activities

    For this, there is an experimental center in Cuba that links students directly with the activities to be carried out once they graduate, through agreements with Cuban units of production and services.