Peru is a country widely rich in various aspects, both cultural, social, gastronomic and artistic; Thanks to its three geographical regions you can find a complete variety of foods, cultures, traditions, climates and activities to do, as well as an unparalleled number of places to visit.

Where to go?

Machu Pichu

When we talk about what to see in Peru, many of us automatically think of Machu Picchu. This wonder of the world is not only one of the most visited places but for many, reason enough to travel to Peru.


Situated at around 3200m altitude and packed with sights to see, this place has enough attractions to keep you busy for two or three days of travel.
Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the American continent and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Colca Canyon

This place is not only the fourth deepest canyon in the world, but it is also a paradise for all bird lovers, because if walking through it seems little to you, here you can observe the Andean Condor, a totally unique animal flying through above your head.